Affiliate Program

SolCex is proud to introduce our Affiliate Program, designed to reward users who help promote our platform and contribute to its growth. Our Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to earn rewards by referring new users to SolCex and driving engagement within our community.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

Participating in the SolCex Affiliate Program is simple and rewarding. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign Up: Users can sign up for the Affiliate Program through the SolCex platform. Upon registration, affiliates will receive a unique referral link or code.

  2. Refer Users: Affiliates can share their referral link or code with friends, followers, and their network. When new users sign up for SolCex using the affiliate's link or code, they become eligible for the program.

  3. Earn Rewards: As new users engage with the SolCex platform, the affiliate earns rewards based on their activity. This may include a percentage of trading fees generated by referred users, bonuses for reaching referral milestones, or other incentives.

  4. Track Performance: Affiliates can track their referral activity and earnings through the SolCex dashboard. Our tracking system provides real-time updates on referral sign-ups, trading volume, and earned rewards.

Benefits of the SolCex Affiliate Program

  1. Passive Income: By participating in the Affiliate Program, users have the opportunity to earn passive income by simply referring others to SolCex. As referred users trade on the platform, affiliates earn rewards without any additional effort.

  2. Community Engagement: The Affiliate Program encourages community engagement and growth by incentivizing users to spread the word about SolCex. As more users join the platform through referrals, our community expands, creating a vibrant ecosystem for traders and investors.

  3. Flexible Rewards Structure: SolCex offers a flexible rewards structure for affiliates, allowing them to earn rewards based on the activity of referred users. Affiliates can earn a percentage of trading fees, bonuses for reaching referral milestones, or other custom incentives tailored to their performance.

  4. Transparent Tracking: Our tracking system provides affiliates with transparent and real-time insights into their referral activity and earnings. Affiliates can easily monitor their performance and track the effectiveness of their promotional efforts.


The SolCex Affiliate Program offers an exciting opportunity for users to earn rewards while contributing to the growth and success of our platform. Whether you're a seasoned trader, influencer, or crypto enthusiast, our Affiliate Program provides a simple and rewarding way to engage with SolCex and share its benefits with others. Join the Affiliate Program today and start earning rewards with SolCex.

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